Helping your child grow, one session at a time.


At Canoe Therapy, our Social workers and Psychotherapists provide counselling services to help your child to learn and grow. We take an in-depth approach in which we ask various questions and gain comprehensive knowledge of your child and their perspective. From adjusting to stressful life events to everyday activities, we provide a safe and supportive environment to help them build the confidence and positive attitude to accomplish their goals.

Our counselling services include:

  • Support to help children adjust to changes in their life, no matter how big or small
  • An environment that allows them to learn and understand their emotions and how to deal with them
  • Helping children to identify goals and methods to achieve them
  • Helping children learn how to identify and solve problems

Work with a specialized team member at Canoe.

At Canoe Therapy, our team of professionals are dedicated to one common goal: helping your child to thrive, be confident, happy and successful in life. Get in touch with one of our passionate Counselors.

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