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Thriving through play.

Motor Skills Concerns about Your Child

At Canoe, we know there’s more to playtime than meets the eye. Play is a child’s work. Through play, a child learns the key skills of life – to think abstractly, interact with others, solve challenges, move their body, navigate their environment and regulate their emotions and sensory systems. A child’s ability to control movements and respond to his/her environment begins to develop even before birth. Although there are certain milestones children typically master at certain ages, each child is unique and develops their motor skills at their own rate. Sometimes children need additional support from a therapist to ensure their play and learning experiences set them up for success in life. Our Occupational Therapists help children maximize their independence in all aspects of their life, from play to self-care and from education to adult life roles.

When children experience challenges that inhibit their independence in daily life, an Occupational Therapist evaluates the child’s abilities, the task and external factors such as the environment. Working closely with family members and school teams, the Occupational Therapist creates solutions to enable the child to successfully achieve the task or finds a way to work around the challenge while maintaining the child’s maximum independence.

Common Motor Skills-related Concerns

Indications of a motor skills-related pediatric concern include difficulties with or traits associated with:

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