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Motor Skills Concerns about Your Child

Motor skill development is the basis of survival.  Being able to lift your head, suckle, eat and later learn to move are the building blocks of independence.   Typically, children develop motor skills from the head down. First comes head control and then control over the upper body. The typical pattern for motor milestones is rolling over, then sitting, pulling up, standing, walking, and climbing. Then comes the development of small, fine motor skills, such as grasping objects, putting blocks in a cup, and scribbling are important milestones, too.  Our motor skills are what allow us to interact with our environment.  

Physical developmental delays or early motor delays are terms used to describe when children are not meeting critical physical milestones in the first months and years of life.

For reference, have a look at this checklist of milestones from the Canadian Paediatric Society

Are you concerned your child may be having trouble with motor skills?

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