Providing a holistic approach to fully support your child in reaching their full potential.

About Canoe

When Canoe Therapy first opened its doors in April 2014, it was one of the only child therapy clinics in Canada to offer a highly effective holistic and integrative therapeutic approach. This means that we conduct a comprehensive assessment on your child’s concerns and offer treatments developed through working together in an integrated therapy approach. Since then, we’ve grown, but are still just as passionate about working together to identify and understand your child’s concerns to facilitate the best custom solutions.

Why Canoe?

Our professional therapists are passionate and trained to think differently. Each of our team members focus on approaching your child’s concern with a holistic perspective. Our primary goal is to help your child thrive and reach their full potential.

Canoe’s Expertise

What To Expect

We are passionate about collaborating to reach a common goal – to help your child become the best versions of themselves. We provide unique treatments for every child to cater to their growth and development.

The Canoe Experience

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Join our Groups and Day Camps and learn more about the additional services we provide to our families in the GTA community.

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At Canoe Therapy we want to help you focus on your child, without having to keep track of billing due dates or overcome budgetary constraints

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Our Story

Learn more about the inspiring story of Canoe Therapy and how we founded in 2014

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