When to consult a qualified professional about pediatric concerns.

Being a child is not all fun and games. Childhood has its setbacks too. The challenge for parents is knowing whether such setbacks are a normal passing phase, or an indication of a pediatric concern. At Canoe Therapy, we take the stance that parents should trust their instincts. If your child is struggling to reach their full potential and executing daily activities, you should seek a consultation with a qualified pediatric expert. Canoe Therapy is one of the few clinics in Canada to offer therapeutic expertise encompassing all major pediatric concerns, including:

Behavioural Therapy (ABA)

Canoe has a thriving Applied Behaviour Analysis team.  ABA is an evidence-based approach that can support the development of lasting, positive changes in individuals who struggle with emotional regulation, social or life skills; this may include children with autism. The goal of ABA is to increase behaviours that are helpful and have a meaningful impact, and decrease behaviours that are harmful or

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Counselling Services Mental health challenges are on the rise and our team of counsellors are here and ready to help. Our counsellors specialize in working with young kids through to young adults with the goal of increasing resilience and confidence. We are committed to offering a warm, inviting space for you and your family. We are flexible and customize supports to meet your

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Occupational Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy? The purpose of pediatric occupational therapy is to help children navigate the world around them with the goal of survival and independence.  For babies, these activities include basic suckling and being able to lift their head.  As the child grows, daily activities include movement, getting dressed, eating solids and very importantly, play.  It is through play that a child

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Family Therapy

Family therapy is a specialized type of group therapy.  The term ‘family’ is defined as a group of people that care about each other and call themselves family; this can include parents, children, grandparents, siblings, extended family or caregivers.

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For children with developmental delays, having an active daily life may come with its own obstacles. Physiotherapy primarily focuses on the child’s independence to help build gross motor strength and skills and promote your child’s physical abilities. Improving strength and range of motion boosts learning and fosters a child’s physical independence. The more independence they experience, the more confidence they

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Psychoeducational Assessments

Our team of psychologists are adept at psychoeducational assessments that will explore and diagnose learning needs.  Once the nature of the challenges are defined, strategies are created to help support the child so that they can find success with school and beyond.  Ongoing counselling can help kids and parents navigate this process and learn skills catered to how they best learn.   Our psychologists help

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Speech Pathology

Speech-language pathology, also known as speech therapy, focuses on the prevention, identification, evaluation, and treatment of speech, language, voice, feeding and swallowing disorders in children and adolescents. Learning to speak is a major milestone for children.  It is the cornerstone of human connection and the foundation for future learning.  Often, when children struggle to communicate, the result is dysregulation and emotional outbursts,

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Work with a specialized team member at Canoe.

At Canoe Therapy, our team of professionals are dedicated to one common goal: helping your child to thrive, be confident, happy and successful in life. Get in touch with one of our passionate professionals.