DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) for teens ages 14-18

Canoe Oakville is now offering a DBT Group for teens this summer.  DBT is an evidence-based therapy designed to help people manage big emotions. 

This group is for teens who may:

            1. Experience big emotions or mood swings

            2. Find common challenges overwhelming

            3. Struggle with depression or anxiety

            4. Have poor coping skills and struggle with relationships

This DBT group will teach teens to: 

  1. Understand manage and regulate emotions.
  2. Tolerate distress and crises without making problems bigger.
  3. Maintain positive relationships with others.
  4. Increase self-awareness and improve the ability to recognize alternative points of view.
  5. Increase problem-solving skills and flexible thinking.


Maximum of 6 clients per group.

Location: Oakville
Cost: $650
Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays 12 – 2 pm
Dates: July 9th – August 1st

Eligible under Psychotherapy. Developed and implemented by a Registered Psychotherapist.