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Literacy Development Delays in Children

Literacy is the ability to read and write, and to competently use the written word under various circumstances. There are several stages of literacy development in children, beginning in infancy with the introduction of children’s books right through to the fourth grade, by which they should be accomplished readers and writers. School-age children are expected to attain specified literacy levels within their age group. If a school-age child exhibits any of the following emotions and/or behaviours, this may indicate a literacy development delay. 

  • Avoids activities involving reading and writing
  • Guesses at the correct word 
  • Reads in a slow and laboured manner 
  • Memorizes written material 
  • Uses very short sentences when writing > Does not enjoy going to school
  • Exhibits a limited attention span and poor concentration
  • Has a negative attitude towards reading and writing
  • Demonstrates low self-esteem

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