Strengthening your child’s vocabulary.

Language Development Delays in Your Child

Language is the system of conveying and receiving information in a significant way through verbal, nonverbal and written communication. While the stages of language development are the same for all children, the expected age at which these stages occur varies within established age parameters. If a child has not reached the following language milestones by the ages specified, this may indicate a language delay.


12 Months

  • Gesturing (pointing, waving)

18 Months

  • Vocalizing more than gesturing
  • Imitate sounds
  • Understand simple verbal requests

2 Years

  • Come up with words/phrases spontaneously
  • Verbally communicate beyond their immediate needs
  • Follow simple instructions
  • Have a normal sounding voice (not raspy or nasally)
  • Half of child’s speech should be clearly understood by others

3 Years

  • Three quarters of child’s speech should be clearly understood by others

4 Years

  • Almost completely understood by others

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