Sarah Layzell


Behavioural Consultant

Sarah is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA), with over 9 years of experience working in the field of ABA. She has worked with clients with developmental disabilities ranging in age from 2-25 in home and school-based settings and is excited to join the center at Canoe Therapy!

Sarah originally comes from a background in science, completing her Bachelors degree in Biology and Psychology, before being exposed to the field while completing her thesis, which focused on the effects of social script training and applying the peer buddy system on increasing generalized peer interaction. She then decided to pursue a career in the field of ABA, initially working as an instructor therapist and eventually completing her Masters of Counseling with a concentration in Advanced Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Sarah is passionate about guiding her clients to develop skills and enabling them to effectively interact within their environments. She has worked with clients who have had a diverse range of abilities and challenges, but continues to be amazed when clients overcome those challenges and exceed expectations. Sarah also enjoys working with families, as she feels it is often the most rewarding when the child can generalize learned skills with their parents. Enabling parents and seeing their accomplishments, such as the joy that comes across a parent’s face as they describe how they successfully took their child for a haircut or how their child independently followed their visual schedule to get dressed for school.

Outside of work, Sarah loves spending time with her daughter and husband, going for walks or visiting any zoo or farm they can find (her daughter loves animals!).

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