Boost Your Ability To Self-Regulate With The Five Pillars of Self-Reg

September represents a fresh start.  We embrace some routine after the open-ended days of summer.  But routine also brings busyness and stress.  How can you keep your cool while juggling everything?  And how can you help your child manage the demands of school and activities?  The answer lies in the research on self-regulation.  

Self-regulation is the ability to withstand stress in your environment by appropriately understanding and managing your emotions and resulting behaviour.  

So, how can you boost your ability to self-regulate?  Always monitor the 5 Pillars of Self-Reg.  These Pillars support your brain to withstand stress better and give you a shot at better self-regulation.  

  1. Sleep:  

Good sleep hygiene can solve 80% of childhood behaviour issues.

  1. Exercise:

Our bodies need to move.  When we are sedentary, it acts as a stress on the brain. Children who are not active enough can have sleep issues and get bored and into slumps of low moods or extreme silliness.

  1. Nutrition:

Avoid energy peaks and valleys with good meals throughout the day; prioritize protein to stay full longer.

  1. Social Connections:

Social connections are key to our mental health, whether you are an introvert or extrovert.  Make it a priority to see friends and talk and laugh.

  1. Time to reflect:

This means time without your screens; time to be bored and let your mind wander can do wonders for your brain…try it!!