Marie Richards


Behavioural Consultant

Marie is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA). While completing her Bachelors of Life Science and Minor in Psychology degree at McMaster University, Marie discovered the field of applied behaviour analysis (ABA). Striving to increase her knowledge about the growing field of behaviour analysis, she completed her Masters of Applied Disability studies specializing in ABA.

Marie has grown with the Canoe behaviour team throughout her Masters and into becoming a BCBA. Marie is passionate about supporting children and families towards successfully achieving their goals, be it independence in daily living, academic skills, or appropriate language. While it may not take an actual village, Marie believes that it takes a whole team (family, therapists and/or teachers) working together to help any child reach their best potential.

In her spare time, Marie loves to spend time her family and dog. She can often be found in the kitchen getting creative with a meal or trying her hand at her latest DIY project.

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