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Gross Motor Skills Disorder in Children

Gross motor skills involve whole body movements that utilize the large muscles of the arms, legs and torso. Children use gross motor skills when performing such activities as climbing, jumping, skipping, throwing, catching, kicking, standing, walking, running and sitting upright. Gross motor milestones are achieved as a child grows. Between the ages of three and four, for example, children are usually able to jump with two feet, and between the ages of seven and eight, are usually able to ride a bike without training wheels. If a child exhibits any of the following emotions and/or behaviours, this may indicate a gross motor skills disorder. 

  • Reaches gross motor milestones late (e.g. sitting, crawling, walking, running, hopping)
  • Appears awkward/clumsy or moves stiffly/unnaturally
  • Shies away from physical activity
  • Has a low endurance when participating in physical activity
  • Has difficulty sitting upright on a mat or at a table/desk
  • Cannot perform the same activities or sports as their peers 
  • Unable to plan/perform physical tasks involving multiple steps or sequencing (e.g. step forward before throwing; obstacle course)
  • Unable to complete movements in a safe manner (e.g. climbing)
  • Requires more effort to complete a physical task than their peers
  • Becomes overly exhausted with physical activity
  • Loses acquired physical skills if not practiced
  • Cannot apply an acquired physical skill to a different but similar activity

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