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Toileting Development Delays in Children

Toileting is the process of training a child to independently use the toilet to relieve their bladder and bowels. Below are the stages in which children develop toileting skills.


2 Years

  • Beginning to develop toileting skills

3 Years

  • Fully independent, though may still require bedtime toileting reminders

School-age children

  • Fully toilet trained

Indications of a Toileting Development Delay

If a child exhibits any of the following emotions and/or behaviours or has any of the following physical/developmental concerns, this may indicate a toileting development delay.

  • Has extreme fear of the toilet/potty
  • Has intense emotional reaction when encouraged to use the toilet/potty, either at home or in public
  • Has unusual toileting behaviours such as handling, smearing and ingesting feces
  • Has not made any progress in toilet training for months
  • Has physical concern(s) that make it difficult to undress, access the toilet or wipe themselves
  • Has developmental delays in other areas (e.g. motor skills, language, social skills)

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