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Social Skills Disorder in Children

Children use social skills to communicate and interact with others at school, in sports and with friends, and to foster healthy and satisfying relationships. A child with weak social skills has trouble connecting with others, as well as difficulty making and keeping friends. Indications of weak social skills in children are categorized according to perception, interpretation and response. If a child is experiencing any of the following issues with social interaction, this may indicate a social skills disorder. 


  • Unable to interpret facial expressions and body language 
  • Doesn’t listen well and loses the point when spoken to
  • Disinterested during social interactions
  • Unable to perceive rejection by others 


  • Takes things too literally and doesn’t understand sarcasm
  • Acts inappropriately when greeting others, asking for things and/or attempting to attract attention
  • Is unable to process things from another person’s perspective 


  • Overshares and/or shares information inappropriately
  • Interrupts others and/or blurts out responses
  • Has difficulty standing or sitting still
  • Is unable to stay on topic and dominates conversations
  • Can’t adapt conversation according to the situation or audience 

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